Community VS Zombies

Which one will kill you first ?!


In a distant universe exist a gigantic cube floating in space.
If nobody knows exactly who or what build it in the first place or what was its original purpose, it has been exploited trough the millenniums by various people for very different uses.

Once a playground for a witch queen… once a glorious empire of explorers and settlers…

Some say that it is the resting place or prison of a forgotten sleeping god and that if we keep using it for stupid reasons we might wake it up… and then we’ll see who is a smart-ass…

What we are sure about is that whoever control the core of the cube, its control chamber, have access to its amazing potential.

The cube is a multidimensional space divided in a multiple of small chambers. The quantity and size of those chambers is controlled by the cube master and almost nobody in the universe knows precisely how much control the master has on those chambers but it is common knowledge that inside them, climate, time, landscape or any law of physics might be altered.

It now has been use for the last 150 years to host the very famous reality show “Galactic Survival Games” with a simple concept : put a group of people in the middle of a zombie infested chamber and see if they can survive for a month.

They quickly came up with a point system to reward participants depending on their actions to push them to… a more dynamic behavior.
Survivors started to become galactic superstar and went from despair to wealth and fame. Other got the taste of it and started participating for the sport. Most died or got lifetime traumas.

Soon sponsors started to invest on some popular contestant giving them unfair advantages over their teammates and soon it was the n1 entertainment to watch on galactic cable.

The reward : death or glory!

And today is your luck…

…You have been selected !

  • Each chamber will receive 40 volunteers and will have to survive for 30 days inside 
  • Each chamber has a very basic camp ready for them and has lots of scattered resources all around the place 
  • They are also lots of zombies around that will be very happy to get a bite off any unlucky contestant
  • Every day at midnight the chambers will be flooded with a horde of zombies. The camp better be ready for that on time 
  • Base on the participant actions, he or she might be rewarded with points. The camp also gain points depending on certain conditions.
  • At the end, if the town survive 30 days, a reward in cash (in game) is distributed to the winners. They can then retire and enjoy a quiet life or buy some cool gear and come back for more action and fame.
  • The final reward is divided by the quantity of survivors will receive a modification based on how many people survived. 
  • Every month the top 3 players will receive high valued rewards (in games prize, premium account access, etc…)

I am not going to put down all the game mechanics here but here are some of the main ones :

  • The game is designed to be played on android for a simple reason :
    The game happen in real life time (the time in game is the real time and 1hour in game is a real hour) and require more small actions across the day than long sessions…… so with a smartphone and notifications it makes it more easy to have the game always available for the player so it doesn’t miss on any action or community duty he or she is in charge off
  • Each player will create 1 character only until its death and will have the possibility to spend the points he made to improve it after surviving a game. If the character dies, its upgrades and points are lost.
  • If you manage to reach certain amounts of points with one of your character, you will unlock account bonuses which will apply to all of your characters
  • You will join a group of 40 people and will have to survive with them for 30days.
  • The camp has many ways to be improved with new plans you will randomly find along the way exploring the map. You will also find many useful resources during your expeditions.
  • But with a limited amount of action points every day, each player will have to carefully plan his or her decisions.
  • Also for a group to make it, there will be the need of communication and coordination…… which is the real challenge of the game : it is really hard to create group cohesion with random strangers!
  • Add to that that everyone make their own personal points and get rewards for it at the end of the month… some people might put that in front of the group needs…
  • But each group will have a bunch of tools to get rid of useless members of the group…
Finished :
  • Conceptual ideas on paper
  • Website, forum, financing campaign, blog
  • Camp screen
  • House screen
  • Storage screen
  • Workshop screen
  • Population screen
  • UI
  • Main screen
Currently in progress :
  • Player login
  • Firebase connection
  • Game database
  • Character creation
  • Procedural map generation