Help us supporting local rural Guatemalan business
The project

To put it simple, we would like to offer free customized software for the local business around us. and hopefully one day start a programming school program.

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Rural Guatemala

In that part of the world, there is virtually no access to technology and the budget for it is very low. Same as the general knowledge of computer usage.

Considering all that, we enjoy offering support to help buying good material and designing easy to use and fully customize software.

Mutually beneficial

We are currently in a weird situation where lots of business would enjoy going digital and we need project to work on so we can improve the quality of our work and our general skills.

But one side doesn’t have the budget to pay for the product and the other side doesn’t have the budget to work for free forever…

By helping us, you would allow those people to get access to those software for free as we would distribute them fully open source and you would allow us to get better and therefore helping us getting more potential paying contracts.

Programming school

If one day we manage to be financially comfortable, we would love to create a free programming school around here.

Local kids barely have access to computers and even less computer education and in the 21th century sadly, it is a big loss.

Teaching the use of computers and programming is to open them doors for stable and accessible jobs. Especially now that the internet start to be very decent in those remote parts of the world.

We believe that among all the kids around here might be a few exceptional mind that could make a big breakthrough into the Gaming, Web Designing or software engineering world!

Generosity could be as contagious as the zombie plague as long as enough people were willing to be carriers.”

Jonathan Maberry,