A simple yet powerful software

This program was ordered by a rural Guatemalan Hardware store. It had to be very easy to use and with basic functionalities. With also the need to run on very old computer.

We are working on a project to help local businesses to get access to computers and management software at very low cost.

Online or desktop app

The application is developed using html, javascript and css using the Vue.js and Vuetify.js frameworks so it could be used 100% online as a web App.

And the desktop version is build around Electron.js and is functional at least on Linux and windows (and yet to be tested on a mac)

Functionalities :
  • Manage products with :
    • Customizable selling and buying prices, name, code and description
    • Customizable suppliers
    • Customizable properties (text, number or selector type)
  • Automatic inventory with customizable alert level
  • Selling screen
  • Client management
  • Sales, spending and benefits overview
  • Customizable category system (with infinite nested sub categories possibilities)
  • Possibility of importing or exporting the database as a Json file
Available in 4 languages

The program is fully translated into : English, Spanish, French and German


This project is still in progress and I am still refining the visual aspect as well as some functionalities so i do not feel comfortable selling yet.

Ideally I found find support through Patreon or kickstarter and will be available to distribute it fully as an opensource software.

But if you would like a similar program or even a completely different one, please contact us with the details and we will see what we can do.