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But the thing was that good boots lasted for years and years. A man who could afford fifty dollars had a pair of boots that’d still be keeping his feet dry in ten years’ time, while the poor man who could only afford cheap boots would have spent a hundred dollars on boots in the same time and would still have wet feet.

Terry pratchett

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Why help us ?

Hello, my name is Esteban, I am 33 years old and it took me a long time to find my way but I finally made it: video game programmer.

Before going any further, you should know that any donation makes the difference, having been very poor myself for most of my life, I fully understand budget limitations.
If you are wondering how much you should give, my suggestion is 1 euro per week. so 4 euros per month, or the price of a sandwich.
It should not cause a traumatic hole in your bank account but with “only” 200 donors of this level, I would achieve my goal and be able to fully meet my needs and devote myself entirely to the project.

This is of course purely indicative and I accept any donation from a few cents to several thousand euros, and finally, if you do not have the possibility of supporting me financially but you still want to make a contribution, I invite you to share my project around you so that it gains visibility.

To keep it short :

I live in a place where the only economic activity is tourism. Since covid-19 I have no income and my account shows $ 0

The only thing that allows me to earn money is my computer.

My computer is an entry-level 4-year-old laptop that has been used intensively in tropical conditions … it is getting old and reminds me every day that it is urgent to replace it or else I won’t be able to work at all. That is my most urgent need (after lodging and feeding myself…)

During the first months of confinement, I realized that I have the level to create professional video games

Video games have always been a passion, it is a market that is doing very well and it is a job that I can do remotely

While waiting to have produced a game and make a profit from it, I would like to find donators to allow me to work 100% on my game instead of spending most of my time looking for small freelancing jobs on the internet to survive until the next month.
My website ( ) is finally finished and I hope it will be the basis for one day to become a successful video game development studio.

Thank you very much for your support,

To go further :

I’m not going to write a 60 page novel about my life but to put it simply, I have always been very comfortable with computers and I studied programming a few years after high school but carried by the call of adventure , my life took me on other paths and if my passion for video games has never weakened despite the passage of time, my interest in programming was put aside.

I now live in a rural area of ​​Guatemala, as beautiful as it is poor, and in recent years I have been able to make a living from the flourishing tourism in the region.

But, at the time of Covid-19, most of the economic activity in my region has suddenly stopped and even if the cost of living is lower than in France, I have been living without any income since March 2020 and that is very difficult.
I was lucky to find refuge in a cocoa cooperative project where I was able to help redo a website as well as various management tools (excels sheet and program for android) and other various tasks in exchange for the lodging and the covered.

During this time I tried to focus my free time on finding a way for me to make a living in these troubled times.
And I remembered what my mother used to tell me when I was a teenager …
“you like games so much, maybe you should make them”
… and since the video game industry has never been better and it’s something that I could do from anywhere, I went in that direction.

So I discovered modern game development tools and fell in love with Godot, a platform for creating games that is extremely light, free, open source and relatively easy to use.

Very quickly I was able to create some tests: procedural generation of maps, top-down shooting game, player movement, etc …

I soon realized that I have all the necessary programming and creativity skills to create marketable games.
My weak point definitely being on the artistic side but I compensate my lack of talent in drawing by my great ability to search for what I need on the internet. And it is now very easy to buy or have a third party create all the artistic content of the game.

The last few months have been extremely difficult because of my financial situation and I can say that I am stressed for the future but I still managed to find the time to create a website ( ) to present my project and to keep a development blog so that everyone can follow my progress.

Being still several months away from being able to produce a game capable of generating profit, in the meantime I will have to provide for my needs otherwise.
I am always looking for freelance work (website, programs, scripts, etc …) and as you may imagine, nothing would please me more than knowing that I am supported by my piers.

And that’s the reason we’re here.

By supporting me, you allow:
  • To provide for myself while waiting for my first game to make a profit
  • To allow me to concentrate 100% on the design of the game and not “waste” my time working on other projects
  • To offer the world new ways to have fun during confinement … all my games will be multiplayer after all 🙂
  • And a little more urgent, my computer is dying …
    This is a 4 year old entry level laptop that has been used very intensively and in pretty harsh conditions (humidity and heat).
    Even if it still works, my use is too intense for it and the more months goes by, the more it shows signs of fatigue.
    Which stress me enormously because it is about my only working tool … without a computer, it is very simple, there is nothing that I can do in hundreds of kms around me that can bring back money.

This is therefore my most urgent need: Replace my work tool.

And for that I don’t need a lot, $ 700 during the Christmas holidays should do the trick … but my budget is currently $ 0 and Christmas in 15 days so it seems complicated to me.

But you never know, today I create a Liberapay account and I will add it to my site as well as a direct donation button on PayPal.
And who knows, maybe we’ll see a Christmas miracle.

In the meantime, I thank you for taking the time to read me and wish you the best!


Current need

A new computer

One of my greatest fear at the moment is for my computer to break. It is a 4 year old entry level laptop and it has been use very intensively and in harsh environments.

Overhaul, it has been very good and reliable but lately it shows more and more signs of aging.

All my work is done on a computer !!!
Without one, there is no way for me to even hope make money where I live.

I do not have the need for a very powerful machine, here is the configuration i have in mind to replace mine :
– i5 10400
– 16Go ram
– 512Go SSD

That for me would be such a major improvement on my current config :
– i3-7100u
– 6Go ram
– 5400 rpm hard drive

There are currently many programming tools I cannot even open on my laptop and generally speaking everything is taking long time to execute.

But I could live with a slow computer… even work on it… but now it shows signs that it is soon the end and I have no money to change it… while looking at insane Christmas sale… it’s hard!

I could currently get my desired config for 400$ which is really cheap.

Thank you for helping me follow my dreams.

Financial support

We have the skills and time to produce our games and eventually get our independence from it but in the meantime, we could really use some support.

We are located in Guatemala where the cost of life can be quiet low so we do not need much to keep on going.

Our main goal now is to find a way to pay for shelter, food and internet so we can focus on making the games full time.

We will also have development costs down the line like paying artists to make the game look beautiful and unique, paying for servers or other unforeseen charges.

We have set our goal to 200$ per week which would allow us to cover for all of our charges and even save a little to invest in the game.