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– Still have very limited internet access, mostly worked offline.

– Worked on a hex grid map game kit

– Joined a game jam

– Released the new website

So much to say, so little time!

Having still a limited access to the internet, I really try to make the most of it so I have forgot to update that blog but hey, no big deal, here we are. First news of 2021 which which I feel is gonna be great.

Hexgrid game kit

Since I want a game with procedural complex hex grid maps, I started to work on such a script.

Then i started to think that I might not be the only one that wants that so I went on another direction and decided to make it a fully customizable plugin that I could sell

Independent tiles :

Each tile is a independent from the others and contains its own information. So the things you leave behind will still be there if you come back later.
Tiles can be generated with many different parameters depending how many enemies or loot you want in them.

Procedural generation :

The generator create you customizable procedural world.
You will find some documentation inside helping you adapt the generator for different types of biomes. It also include a few presets that I think work great.
You can create many diversity of map and also include locations to visit based on the type of terrain and other rules.

Adaptable to any hex tiles :

You will find documentation on how to easily import your own tiles and properly configure the generator.
You can also configure as many different types of biomes or locations as you’d like.

Basic game mechanics included :

The asset is mostly the map generator but this kit also include :

A player movement : you can draw a path on the map and then confirm your player to move there (or move directly if you prefer). You can easily add any kind of movement rule to that. The basic setting include a cost base on the distance from the starting tile (by default, the center of the map). Each tile being 1 point cost.

A loot system : By default 3 random item with random quantity are being created on each tile. Feel free to adapt that as much as you feel. The items are obtained after defeating enemies.

Encounters : 2 randoms monsters with random quantities populate each tile. I am sure you can imagine creative ways to give them stats and use them for encounters)

Those are simple yet functional system to quickly build on top of them.

Future features :

With time, i intend to make this asset grows and add more functionalities such as :
– Combat system –
– Inventory –
– Base building –
– Capture and train monster –
– Night and day cycle –
– Experience system –

Game jam

Ever since i heard about game jams I wanted to do some.

For those who don’t know a game jam is a sort of open contest for game developers. Usualy with a very short window of time to create a game and with all sorts of rules. A goldmine of creativity.

And even though I am totally innexperimented and probably way over my head I joind one and now have 5 days to finish a game.

The theme is dualoty and the bonus themes are dreams and nightmares.

Here is the current work in progress :

New website

And as you can see, I also spent a lot of time working on the website.

It should now offer a much nicer user experience and also be much faster (and my current knowledge about website cache configurations is now much more deep that I would have liked it to be…)

Alright! I’m going back at it.

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