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– I finished my first game

– I improved my map exploration script

– I created a bootscreen for the studio

I made my first game!

It was a great adventure to complete a functional game with just 5 days…. but hey… nothing is impossible to whom ignore that what he is trying is impossible…

In the end its just a matter of doing it… and here it is :

It is definitely not the game of the year… nor is it a truly finished game but hey… its playable which sounds great at my stage.

It was a lot of pressure to finish the game under such small time frame.
And of course there were tons of new things to me (animations, save game, isometric perspective, particles, etc….)

But yeah, I am very happy I did it and I will most certainly do more on the future.

Improved my exploration script :

With the game jam, I didn’t worked a lot on my game but I still put some time thinking of two things :

First, how to make the map really big without having memory issues or too long map generation. So far I came up with something that seem strong enough but I will need to see if it can handle all the game mechanics I want to implement without problems

I also added a range of sight to the player and the map is now invisible by default and has to be explored.

Boot screen :

Since I will probably end up making many games, mostly trough game jams, I wanted to make some kind of boot screen so the studio get some branding.

It also got me to apply many of the things I learned during the jam.

I hope you like it :

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