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– Created a forum and a newsletter system for the website to be ready to build up a community

– Created a Paypal and LiberaPay account and added the support page to the website. We can now receive help.

– Worked on the inventory system in the game

– I also worked on a Fivrr account to try to score some freelancing jobs and make some extra cash.

– Many small fixes on the website

Forum and newsletter

The games we make are multiplayer for a good reason. We strongly believe that video games can be a great community tool as long as it needs to be played with other people.

Most of our cool game mechanics are based around the concept of community and human flaws and a large part of our games challenge will be to find ways to work all together while still playing towards individual goals.

Anyway, the point is that we would love to see a big a strong community building up and we now have the tools to do so.

The newsletter will keep you informed of any major announcement such as releases or beta tests and you will also receive a couple updates per month about the progress we made on our games.

The forum, while being very basic for the moment, has the potential to become a very fun and lively place to hang out.

We hope to see you there!

Support system

Our biggest struggle for the moment is about money. Due to the situation with the Covid, our budget is precisely at 0$… (well, we did spend 1$ on the xyz domain name!!).
All you can see here was done by us.

Skills aren’t the issue, we are very capable of making the game. But it also take time and that means money.

Currently, we are spending much more time trying to find ways to survive than coding the game so it is not very good and counter productive.

Having people supporting us for a few months until the game is release would mean the world to us because it will remove the stress and give us the possibility to focus all our time and attention to the game.

If you help us, we will be able to produce our game quicker so we will stop needing your help faster too…

Game inventory

So this week was mostly about the website and the support system but…

I still found an afternoon to work a little bit on the game so I started to implement the inventory system as well as a house upgrade system.

It’s a pretty classic way to do inventory but i guess it is a effective one. Items move from an inventory to another one and stack up. Ingredients count also appears in red or green depending if the requirement is meet.

Here is a small video I made about it (really sorry about the quality…) :

First steps on the inventory system


Our services are now available for anyone on Fivrr.

If you are in need of a website, or customizing an existing one, if you need help on your Godot project or really anything computer related, feel free to contact and hire us.

And that is all for this week, see you soon!

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