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– Didn’t had access to internet for a week

– Worked on game UI and Menus

– Started to code the core mechanics

– Started the migration of the website to a better hosting

The joy of living in remote places…

While it is mostly a pleasure to live in deep rural Guatemala… it also has its downside.
And this week it means no internet, or barely.

So I haven’t really worked on what I planned but no big deal… I focused on other stuff in the meantime.

And I only have a few hours of internet so I’ll be fast.

Lets see…

Main menus for the game

Working on the UI and menus is really not the part I am excited about making a game.
I am much more a game programmer than a designer.

Even if right now, I am both… but I hope that will change one day.

But before I can have fun creating sadistic game mechanics to provide unlimited fun and entertainment… I have to make sure the game looks nice and is user friendly.

Ask me and I will tell you that I am a chaotic person and I always find my way trough a mess… so it is actually challenging for me to make a simple yet efficient UI.

But better see it by yourself :

Sorry that the video still has no sound but I have no microphone yet and no real time to edit the video properly for the moment.

One day…

Website upgrade

Having no internet right now isn’t the best timing as I was starting the migration of the website to a better hosting so it will stay fast and nice to visit even if people actually start to come and visit 🙂

The goal is to create a hub for a community after all so it needs to be user friendly.

I also plan to reshape it a little bit and have a better social integration with a nicer forum and social networks functionalities.

And a little bit of code too!

With all that UI nonsense, I was missing a bit the fun of actual coding so I started to work some code to “procedurally” generate the attack every night and I came up with something pretty satisfying.

The values of the attack varies from easy to very hard making every day a new surprise and it increase every day exponentially.

Soon we’ll have some fun trying to balance the game difficulties…

… but that will be a story for another time!

Thanks for reading and stay covered!
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