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Hi everyone!

Today i decided to start a website for my studio that doesn’t exist yet and for games that mostly exist in my mind…
but hey!… I’m a very optimistic person and i believe this project will grow big and occupy most of my life!

So i figured, better share that with the rest of the world… or at least whoever is interested enough to come here and read that!!

And also, it will help me keep track of my daily progress because it is hard to keep track of everything and i tend to forget how much progress i made since i started trying the Godot engine for example and i constantly feel i suck… so now when i feel down, I could just read my daily progress updates and remember I’m good!

Anyway, let’s present you a bit what all of this is about :

Node Games Studio

Not so much of a studio for now since its mostly me, my dreams and a global pandemic… but one day i hope that it will grow into a successful indie studio with a 5 to 10 person team.
I plan on creating a series of games with different game plays or platforms but all taking place in the same universe with radically different contexts.

To know more about the universe idea, you can check the game page

Community VS Zombies

This is the first game I am working on :

– Android base game (with maybe a desktop version)
Multiplayer survival game
– Challenge about taking community decisions among players and how to use limited and rare resources
– Goal is to survive 30 days (real time) and to get the highest score.
– Free to play with possibility of paying to play with additional bonuses
– Collectables, trophies and monthly points rankings
– Monthly rewards for best players

And much more…. feel free to check the game page here to get more details

This blog will be about the development of that game.
I will make a short resume everyday of what i have been working on and the success or challenges i encounter.

Thank you for your support and see you next time!

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