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Community VS Zombies

Community VS Zombies – DevBlog – 0 – Initial state and goals

Before I start that devblog, I want to write down the current state of the game so we can follow its evolution.

I wrote down the list of things I am working on, not much is finished yet of course because I started this project this week and barely worked on it yet (I probably spent more hours on this website than the game so far…) but I hope that the days to come will see the list shrinking down.

!! About design and assets. My art skills sucks and I know the art creation of the game will be done by someone else, either a partner inside the studio or a freelancer artist. Right now, I have the lowest budget ever so I just use random assets I have on my computer.!!!

Finished :
  • Putting concept and game mechanics on paper
  • Building for the android platform :
    • It took a couple of days but I am now capable of successfully exporting my game for the android platform and try it out with my phone or an emulator (genymotions).
      I am still looking for a solution to try it with a debug mode if that is even possible.
  • Create and use a local JSON database :
    • Godot make it very simple and with tools like castleDb it is a fast and painless process. But then i was thinking that my game is multiplayer so i should start looking at online databases. Which lead me to Firebase, next step on my database stairs.
  • Website for showcasing the game, “devblogging” and reaching to the community
In progress :
  • Game UI :
    • I started to work on the GUI with some placeholder assets :
      — slider screenshot GUI —
  • Android authentication system and game database :
    • I created a Firebase account and integrated it it to my app. Now i need to learn how to use it 🙂
In progress :
  • Player creation system
  • Town creation
  • Map generation
  • Movement system
  • Item and buildings database
  • Game mechanics scripts

And well… by the time i get even near by finishing all that, I am sure that list will have grow twice bigger 🙂
But we will go step by step and it will take the time that it will take!

The goal for now : the production of a playable demo.

Until then, keep it solid!

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 by gui in November 29, 2020

i read it i love it is it playeble with computer too?? i haveing shitty handy

 by Esteban in December 6, 2020

Hi, I am really glad you like it. For now i want to make it for android but after that I will very likely make a desktop version.

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